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About TE (PNG) Ltd

TE(PNG) Ltd is a company of diversified product ranges for the Wholesale and Retail markets in Papua New Guinea. The Company is well established in the Distribution of specific Hardware and Electrical products, and the Marketing of an extensive range of Communications Equipment, Musical Instruments and products for the Catering Industry and Commercial Furniture sectors. Read more about the history of TE (PNG) Ltd.

Wholesale Division. This section covers the Hardware and Electrical products. TE(PNG) Ltd has a reputation for the promotion , sale and support of some of the better quality products known to the Building Industry. TE(PNG) Representatives regularly call on Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Wholesale and Retail Merchants and Builders in order to keep them advised of current trends of the various Manufacturers represented by TE(PNG). Communications Division. TE(PNG) is recognized as the industry leader with a comprehensive range of Communications products sold at a retail level. Often due to the need to supply , install and maintain these items,TE(PNG) has established a well equipped and staffed Technical workshop in order to be able to service our client requirements.Our personnel have extensive knowledge and capabilities to support an excellent product range.
Musical Instruments. TE(PNG) is becoming recognized within the musical instruments market of Papua New Guinea as a serious participant. TE(PNG) has once again shown that, with a good level of expertise and product at an acceptable price, there is still a market requirement for quality merchandise. The company will continue it's pro-active approach to listen to it's customer's needs and respond accordingly. Information and Communication Technology. TE(PNG) has now entered the computer age and is slowly entering into the ICT market within Papua New Guinea. The company is continuing with it's adage that there is a market in Papua New Guinea for quality product. Therefore offering latest technology with minimum international standards of technology.
Furniture. Our range of Commercial Furniture has a reputation for quality and longevity. These products are used extensively throughout the World in areas such as Education, Stadiums, Hotels,Restaurants, Resorts, Clubs and the home.The White goods products are targeted at the Renovators / Home Improvement market. Of European manufacture, they are recognized to be of the highest standard. Catering Equipment. A strong association with manufacturers of long standing and good reputation, has TE(PNG) placed as a Major supplier of Catering Equipment to the PNG Market.The company is able to provide a design layout service for Commercial Kitchens and Bakeries. Expert knowledge is essential to understand the crucial flow of equipment in these areas. A wide range of products is available to suit all needs.
Broadcast Equipment. In the areas of Broadcast Radio stations, Audio Visual Systems and Professional Public Address systems, TE(PNG) is a stand alone company in PNG with design and engineering ability unsurpassed in this market. TE(PNG) is capable of supply, installation and maintenance to each clients specific needs - a package deal. Customs Agent. In 2006 TE (PNG) Ltd added a new facet to its business with the introduction of its Customs Agents Division. Due to the volume of imports we handle for our own business, the move to set up our own customs agency and to secure reliable and efficient customs agent was inevitable.
TE(PNG) is a company committed to ongoing growth, quality products and technical support. With a history of strength and stability, TE(PNG) is well placed to continue as a reliable and efficient supplier to the PNG market for some considerable time.

Trading Terms

Trading terms are strictly cash unless prior agreement is made with management. Full trading terms details are available for your perusal.