WNB Program

Originally established in about 1955 as a Buying agency for the Lutheran Mission in New Guinea, this small fledgling organization was to have a fairly rapid change in direction. The founder, Mr Carl Radke from Brisbane, would travel the various small coastal towns of the country by Cargo vessels that visited from Australia.

This was common practice amongst a group of what were known as Manufacturers Agencies. The major focus was the seeking of business by way of presentation of Manufacturers catalogues to prospective merchants - for which Mr Radke was paid a modest Commission for his services.

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In the early part of this decade it was evident that the whole of New Guinea could not be properly serviced from just Port Moresby. The access to the Highlands towns of Goroka and Mt Hagen was via the port of Madang and this became the obvious choice for the next location. An additional Partner was based there for some years until the Lae to Highlands Highway was established. A move was made to relocate to Lae with the Madang Partner moving to Port Moresby which was already the decision making major town.

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This period was a time of consolidation. Apart from the Food lines which were promoted , there was a dabbling in a range of Fashion garments. This included Women's and Children's clothing with a smattering of Menswear. However both of these areas were being overtaken by the Hardware and Electrical products. So it was decided that the focus needed to be in this direction.

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manus03Through our association with Hills Industries, TE(PNG) was instrumental in the introduction of Cable Television to the country. This was followed by Commercial Broadcast Television and the opening of the market for Hills Television Antennae.



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West New Britian ProjectThis period saw the expansion of facilities, product and services not previously anticipated. The early 90s was the beginning of the Communications era for TE(PNG). It began with UHF / VHF radios being supplied for the South Pacific Games in 1991 in Port Moresby and Lae. The company still provides Repeater services in Port Moresby, Lae and Madang.


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New challenges are considered. As part of its expansion in areas of Technical expertise , TE(PNG) was able to introduce Broadcast Radio into its services. This incorporates the design , supply of equipment and software , installation and maintenance of FM / AM radio stations. As the country grows , so does demand for this area of activity. The company has been successful in the application of many stations throughout PNG. Furthermore , the company has also included a broad range of Musical Instruments in its range of Retail products i.e. Amplifiers,Keyboards, Pro Audio, Mixers ,Microphones, Speakers, Guitars, Drum Kits and Studio equipment etc.

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