TE (PNG) Ltd - Hardware Security

TE (PNG) Ltd - Hardware Security

Hardware Security is as important as software security. We are the only PC Loc distributor in Papua New Guinea, and we carry a large range of PC Loc Security Solutions.

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TE (PNG) Ltd - IP Security

TE (PNG) Ltd - IP Security


Mobotix Security Systems offer a IP high resolution, weather proof security system used worlwide in airports, hotels and shopping malls. Contact TE (PNG) Ltd today for a complete solution.





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PC Locs is leading the market when it comes to the manufacture of versatile, high-quality and reliable notebook trolleys. No matter what your exact reqirements are, there is sure to be a PC Locs laptop trolley that is perfect for you.


The Calf is a sturdy vertical notebook trolley that is ideal for smaller mobile computer lab programs and can hold up to 6 17" laptops. It delivers secure and protected storage, transport and charging for your valuable laptops.

pclocs The Quarter Lab is based on the same design as the Calf laptop trolley, but holds up to 7 notebooks. You'll love the security, storage, charging and transport features!
pclocs The Super Calf can hold up to 12 notebooks and is a great trolley to facilitate medium-sized mobile computing programs. It's solid, secure, has on-board charging and can withstand rough handling. The wheel base is designed for easy manoeuvring and stability.
pclocs The Half Lab is one of the most popular PC Locs laptop trolleys due to its security features, ruggedness, versatility and size. With 14 notebook bays, it's ideal for medium-sized mobile computing and wireless programs.
pclocs The iRoller is undoubtedly the most stylish of the PC Locs notebook trolleys. With room for up to 20 laptops, the iRoller is great for medium class sizes and delivers in terms of security, transport, protection, charging and storage - and good looks!
pclocs Another laptop trolley favourite! With space for up to 28 laptops, the Complete Lab trolley is a secure and multifunctional notebook trolley that would suit most larger mobile computer labs.
pclocs The Maxi Lab is the latest addition to the PC Locs laptop trolley range. With 30 notebook bays, the Maxi Lab is ideally suited to facilitate mobile computing programs for larger class sizes.



Do you need to secure your notebooks right where they are being used? The PC Locs range of laptop wall cages offer a permanent laptop security solution which is ideal for overnight storage.
The Indi 6 is a compact vertical storage and charging unit with six individually lockable compartments all with concealed-shank block-locks that provide maximum security. The intelligent rogue/lost-key padlock system means that if an individual key is lost, the locking system can be overridden without the use of cutting tools.
pclocs The 6 bay notebook wall cage provides secure, protected and space-saving storage and charging for up to 6 laptops. This wall cage is ideal for use in science labs, communal work spaces or other busy work areas.
pclocs The 7 bay laptop wall cage is ideal for securing, protecting and charging small banks of up to 7 laptops. The compact design allows space-saving storage, which makes the Wall Cage 7 perfect for busy work areas or school science labs
pclocs The 12 bay laptop wall cage is suitable for larger banks of up to 12 laptops, and provides a space-saving, protected and secured storage solution. The laptops can be conveniently charged while they are securely stored.


pclocs The 14 bay wall cage is perfect if you want to secure, protect and store up to 14 laptops in a permanent location. The space-saving design and charging facility make this wall cage multifunctional and user-friendly.



Data projectors are still popular targets for thieves, and if your data projector is stolen during a burglary, you face significant costs in terms of time and effort to sort out insurance claims and replace your stolen assets. Avoid this hassle by securing your projectors with PC Locs projector security products.
pclocs The compact Pro Cage ceiling mount is suitable for most types of data projectors, offering full security and adjustable mounting for perfect projection. This projector cage can be used for a variety of ceiling types.
pclocs The standard Pro Cage ceiling mount is large enough for even the biggest data projector units. This projector cage provides superior security, is easily adjustable for perfect projection and can be used for a variety of ceiling types.
pclocs The compact desk mount Pro Cage is a heavy duty security solution for a desk or table based projector. The security cage allows you to easily adjust projector settings without compromising the projector security.
pclocs The standard desk mount Pro Cage is suitable for even the largest desk based data projectors. While you can easily adjust projector settings for perfect projection, the projector's security is never compromised.
pclocs Do you want to use a data projector in different locations and have it fully secured at the same time? Then the Data Projector Trolley is the solution for you - it provides mobility and superior security at the same time.
pclocs If you want to make professional presentations in any part of your building as easy as possible, you can use the AV Locker Trolley to transport and secure a laptop and data projector at the same time. This way, you've got convenience and security anywhere, anytime!





Are you concerned about your desktop PCs being targeted by thieves? PC Locs provides a range of physical desktop computer security solutions to suit your needs and provide you with peace of mind.
pclocs The Chain LocKit is a heavy-duty security chain that attaches securely to any expansion slot in your PC. The Chain LocKit doesn't only provide a high level of security but is also an effective visual deterrent.
pclocs The Cable LocKit is a less obtrusive security solution than the Chain LocKit, but still provides a high level of desktop security. The security cable attaches to any expansion slot in your computer and is secured to your desk with a solid steel stud.
pclocs LCD and other flat screen monitors tend to be theft targets, but the LCD Noose can be firmly secured around the base of your flat screen monitor and is fixed to your desk with a sold steel stud, preventing theft and giving you peace of mind.




How much irreplaceable data is stored on your laptop? If your laptop was stolen, the loss would be inconvenient at best and disastrous at worst. So don't take your chances, but secure your laptop wherever you are.
pclocs The Laptop Cradle provides reliable security while your laptop is open and in use. The Laptop Cradle is ideal for point-of-sale locations or other highly trafficked areas.
pclocs The Laptop Locker allows you to store your notebook out of sight when you leave your office during the day or overnight. You can even charge your laptop while it is securely stored away.
pclocs The Laptop Leash is perfect if you are on the move and need an obvious visual theft deterrent. The long plastic coated steel cable lets you secure your laptop to any suitable fitting or piece of furniture.

TE (PNG) Ltd - Security Systems

TE (PNG) Ltd - Security Systems

Hardware Security

IP Security

Hardware Security is as important as software security. We are the only PC Loc distributor in Papua New Guinea, and we carry a large range of PC Loc Security Solutions. Complete High Resolution Video security systems, with high resolution, digital and cost effective recording. We are Papua New Guineas only Mobotix distributor,and offer complete IP security video systems.
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