Conference Systems

Conference Audio
with associated PA system for audience

conference_PA_AudioThe heart of the system is the TOA 700 Series which can provide for up to 35 members per system. (Systems can be expanded up to 140 delegates) Each with individual conference units (called delegate's units). The speaker's unit, (called the chairman's unit), over riders the delegates units and has a chime tone. Both types have a speaker, a goose neck microphone and a push to talk switch.

A line amplifier is connected to provide audio for six ceiling speakers located above the public seating. A second amplifier will drive the speakers located at the public stage outside the building and provide remote listening for people outside. This amplifier could also provide back ground music by connecting a radio or other player, should it be required.

The TOA Alternate dual tape recorder will give the facility to record the minutes of the meeting for typing at a later time. After recording one tape it will continue on the second tape with out a break in the recording.

A typical system consists of:conference_PA_Audio
1 x TOA TS-700 Centre Amplifier unit
1 x TS-701 Chairman's unit with goose neck microphone
30 x TS-702 Delegate's unit with goose neck microphone
1 x YR-700 connection cable
1 x AR71 alternate tape recorder
2 x TOA A1060 60 Watt amplifier
6 x TOA CP93 speaker grill
6 x TOA CM960 6 W line driven ceiling speaker
2 x SC630M line driven 30 Watt reflex horn speaker
150 m speaker wire
installation labour


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Toa Products

TOA listens and responds to the needs and voices of their diverse customers, while at the same time expanding the scope of products. Information & Communications, and Professional Audio are two of the Toa's fundamental businesses, complementing the diversity of Papua New Guinea's communication and sound applications. Follow the links for a compete product range.

Amplifiers and Mixer/Amplifiers

  • A1700SERIES
  • A1800SERIES
  • A2000 SERIES
  • A900 SERIES
A1700 Series

Wireless and Wired microphones

  • 4000SERIES



Signal Processors

Signal Processor

Network Audio

Network Audio Adapter


  • BS1030B
  • BS1030W
  • SC615
  • SC630
  • SC650
  • SC630M
  • TC615
  • TC630M

Conference systems

  • TS700
  • TS771 SERIES
Conference System

ER Series Megaphones

  • ER520S
  • ER520W
  • ER2215W
  • ER2230WW
  • ER2930W

AM/FM Tuner

  • DT-930
AM|FM Tuner