Information Communication Technology Services

TE (PNG) for all your Cabling, Network Infrastructure, Hardware and Software requirements. We offer a complete solution.

At TE, we pride ourselves on our vision of providing the best quality in everything we do including service and support.

Our Site Care Agreement is flexible allowing you to add support hours and services or reduce them in line with your company’s changing needs. It’s what we do in our workplace and what you do in yours. We believe that technology, creativity and innovation go hand-in-hand. We search for solutions that help make our job, and yours, run more smoothly.

We want to help you make things work better, last longer and easier to use.
It is considered that some of the excitement surrounding computers, technology and the Internet are changing the way that business serve customers. Well, some of this is true; the silicon chip and the digital revolution have given us better vehicles, better cameras and better businesses. But technology does not think for you! You still need people who can think on their feet and find the best ways to get jobs done. That’s where TE come in.
ICT Service Staff
Unlimited Telephone Support Reactive
An entry-level support mechanism that must be purchased in any case. This service allows you to call TE Support and access your support over the phone. Each call is logged and an assigned engineer will contact you within the confines of the service level agreement (SLA) TE’s support team will visit your site when problems are reported and where telephone support was unable to resolve the problem. This service could require a number of visits all of which will be controlled by you. Time utilised is deducted from your quota after each visit.
Remote Access Proactive
An optional service that allows TE Support personnel to fix problems remotely. We only gain access to your systems once you log a call and after telephone support has been unable to resolve the problem The same as Reactive Support except the site visits can be planned over the term of the Agreement to provide preventative maintenance, housekeeping and support calls that are unsolved and require schedules server down-time
Managed Services You Remain Focused
An optional service that involves the TE support team managing your back office IT infrastructure, monitoring servers, backups, virus updates and performing software version management. In most cases our monitoring service will identify pending failures or under performing component before you realise there’s an issue and will take appropriate action to resolve the issue.

Response Times: TE will respond to fault calls within 2 to 12 hours depending on the nature of the call. Calls are logged so that SLA’s can be effectively managed. In the case that a fault call is not resolved in the allotted time it is very quickly escalated to senior management
The Service allows customers to buy then focus on gaining the business benefit of their investment
Effective Problem Resolution
Any issues within a defined remit are the clear responsibilities of TE. This ensures that customers can make fast and effective problem resolution decisions
On Site Support
An optional service that allows TE’s engineers to attend to problems at your site

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