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Aug 8

New VHF Radios along Kokoda Track

TE (PNG) Ltd has successfully installed new VHF Radios along the Kokoda Track, for a new project funded under a joint initiative between the Government of Papua New Guinea and Australia. The initiative will be carried out by Kokoda Track Authority for communications along the track. This system brings great benefit for both trackers and the camp site villagers to communicate between themselves.

Kokoda track surrounded by massive landscape of rough terraine and deep forest is a challengingSince there is no mobile phone coverage along the track, aside from Satellite Phones or HF radios for the health System, this will be the only vital communication system to be used. The system is solar powered and is backed up by battery. It also includes 10 USB ports for charging of mobile phones and cameras. One side of the Communication hub is currently a whiteboard specifically designed for re-usable information in which each campsite villagers can feature historical stories or information about the WWII events or a war veteran at their campsites.

This system may not only benefit vital communication within the villagers and the trackers but it also determines  constant security and confidence while the information hub gives more original stories successfully adding a life time  experiencing on the track.

This initiative project was set up at 23 camp sites and their bases are at both Owers Corner and Kokoda.

Mar 25



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Nov 25

Kokoda Track Radio Maintenance

ICOM Radios keeping communications open on the Kokoda Track.

TE (PNG) Ltd has recently completed a major project for The Kokoda Track Authority maintaining communications for the full length of the track with the outside world.

Know as one of the world's most spectacular and challenging treks, the Kokoda Track traverses the rugged Owen Stanley Ranges in Papua New Guinea. Each year thousands of trekkers brave the mountainous terrain, meet with the Koiari and Orokaiva people living a traditional lifestyle, explore the dense rainforests and follow the footsteps of Australian soldiers who were guided by Papua New Guinea's Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels during Second World War.

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Aug 29

Locksmith August

Aug 29