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T.E. has a well-established record of supporting the Broadcast industry in PNG. We have been designing, planning, installing and maintaining Radio Stations and Distribution Networks for over 20 Years. We have been proud to be associated with most of the household names across PNG who bring entertainment and information into our homes and businesses.


We have experienced staff capable of delivering all aspects of radio broadcasting. TE have supplied radio Stations from small community and village stations to multi studio modern broadcast platforms. We have supplied equipment for Outside/Mobile Broadcast recording and linking, Short Wave (HF) and FM transmission. Satellite program distribution, fixed analogue and digital links, digital and analogue studios, automated program delivery and scheduling systems are also part of the products and services TE can deliver.


We also offer a range of digital TV transmitters to meet the latest DVB-T2 television broadcasting standards for the transition from analogue to digital, our expert team is capable of understanding and delivering the system you require to meet the standards required by NICTA.  Please contact our experienced staff to discuss your broadcasting requirement.

Key Brands

Broadcasting equipment supplied and supported by T.E. includes many of leading global brands. Our long term association with these manufacturers has enabled us to build a strong relationship with these suppliers allowing us to provide a high grade of service to our customers and strong in country support.


Nautel is a leading transmitter manufacturer based in Canada, with many of their VS series FM transmitters operating in PNG. Their MF transmitters are widely deployed in Australia and India.


Development of the LiveWire IP based broadcast studios has enabled the design and installation of fully digital studios, TE is proud to be associated with Telos/Axia, the originators of this system. FM Morobe based in Lae was the very first such installation in PNG.


Broadcast Software International (BSI) in Eugene, Oregon, USA, produce the Simian range of automation software. T.E. has been a partner of BSI for over 15 years and have sent staff to Eugene for factory training, allowing us to fully support the system. Simian is used in 44 countries with over 6000 stations and is a subsidiary of Cumulus, one of the largest broadcasters in USA.


Sonifex is a UK based leading broadcast manufacturer renowned for their high quality products including reference monitors and distribution amplifiers, which T.E. have specified in studio installations in PNG. Tieline is an Australian manufacturer of digital audio codecs which have gained worldwide recognition for their technology and performance, and the choice of our very own NBC. Inovonics produce a range of broadcast accessories including monitoring and rebroadcast receivers, audio processors, AM and FM station monitors. ABE and Anywave are well known for their digital DVB-T2 television transmitters. International Datacasting (IDC)/Qbit produce satellite receivers and encoders for program distribution using symbol rate as low as 100 kSym/s to provide efficient distribution networks. Comrex are famous for their digital codecs and digital video camera links. All of these brands can be and are supplied by TE with full back up service available in Country.


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