Biometrics Access Control Analytics

No wonder the last thing you want is a burglary at your home. And to prevent invaders from breaking into your premises, a strong security system for your building is necessary. And speaking of security door locks, biometric access control technology comes in. Door locks with biometric access control analytics are the future of security for both home and commercial properties.

So, while thinking of door lock upgrades and looking for the ultimate access control solutions, we suggest biometric access control systems. When new to discovering this security system, you may wonder how it works. See here:

Generally, biometrics technology refers to a system identifying human characteristics, like retinas or fingerprints. Its authentication system records and stores these characteristics and identifies the specific person based on that. So, when biometrics combine with access control solutions, like door locks, your home or office entrance and premises have the ultimate security measures. As per your specific needs for access control security for your building, you can choose a biometric door lock with unique features, like face access, fingerprints, retina and other alternatives.

Speaking of the advantages of biometric access control, it goes beyond building security. Such as:

#1: Better security than PINs and passwords-

Traditional PINs and passwords are easy to steal and share. Hence, any unwanted person or strangers can also break into your home in your absence if they have your security code. Plus, you can forget the code sometimes, meaning you will remain stuck out of your home. In that case, biometric access control technology is a better alternative to ensure a secure keyless door entry system.

#2: You have control over who enters your place-

Combining door locks with the best biometric access control analytics allows maximum control over access to your property. For example, you can hold fingerprints of just yours or even add multiples, like your friends or family. Moreover, accessing the biometric door lock system via your smartphone adds convenience to your building and security access.

#3: Ultimate security level-

It’s no surprise if someone replicates your door keys or picks them from your bag. In fact, it’s easy to replicate the door locks using advanced tools. But with biometric door locks, there’s no such risk. After all, no one can use your fingerprints without consent to access your premises unless the system has the facial or fingerprint access of the person.

#4: A super speedy solution-

Who else doesn’t remain in a rush in the morning, especially speaking of office-goers? If you are on the same page, biometric access control is the perfect solution for your door locks. You will no longer waste your time looking for your door keys anymore. You can just place your fingerprint and get in or out of the building in seconds, which is time-saving!

#5: Automatic lock features-

Coupling your door locks with a well-designed biometric access control technology makes the lock system automated. For example, the door gets shut out every time you leave. Hence, it doesn’t matter if you forget the keys inside. Also, you don’t need to come to the door to lock it when someone is leaving.

Bottom Line

So, what do you say? Are you interested in installing a biometric access control system on your premises? We can help. We at TE(PNG) LTD have skilled technicians to provide access control solutions and supply access control systems for top brands, like HID, Axis, Genetec and HikVision.

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