It Equipment In PNG

Businesses of all types and sizes are now focusing on digitisation and automation to stay relevant and competitive. IT experts and engineers from other disciplines play a critical role in creating, implementing, and nurturing the entire process. Their role in empowering businesses to adopt digitisation is immense. After all, they configure, manage, and troubleshoot computer-based systems that allow new-age companies to function smoothly without disruption. But have you ever thought about what they would do without proper IT equipment?

IT systems or the IT department may not be able to work properly without quality IT supplies. So, the biggest question is, who should you trust for sourcing high-quality IT equipment in PNG? This post aims to answer that.

It Equipment In PNG

At first, we will discuss the company you can trust for obtaining IT equipment and then we will take a quick look at their product catalogue. Since we have a lot to cover, let’s dive in right away.

TE (PNG) – A Highly Diversified Company with 65+ Years of Experience

Established in 1955, TE (PNG) Limited is a highly innovative and well-experienced company serving multiple areas, including communication networks, electrical hardware, broadcast and professional audio, security systems, hospitality, etc. Delivering comprehensive IT products and corresponding solutions is also a big part of our operations.

Our Well-Trained and Experienced IT Team Help Companies Fulfil Their IT Needs Regarding:

1. Computer systems
2. Wired as well as wireless networks
3. Servers
4. Printers
5. Storage etc.

We are fully equipped to size up virtualized server-based solutions. Our data network experts, on the other hand, are well-educated and trained to create and customise diversified LAN/WAN networks to meet clients’ distinct needs. We only capitalise on top-notch industry-approved tools while designing processes and delivering solutions.

Source Information Technology Equipment (ITE) from a Trusted Supplier

We are also a supplier of top-notch IT equipment in PNG. We offer ITE sourced from leading Australian and New Zealand brands. We are proud to hold long-term partnerships and purchasing agreements with top-class manufacturers and the world’s leading suppliers. Take our alliance with Lexmark, for example. It allows us to avail of handholding support during significant bids. Meanwhile, we also enjoy direct access to Lexmark’s technical team when needed. Let’s peek into the IT equipment and supplies we deliver across Papua New Guinea.

1. Servers, printers, storage, CCTV, UPS, LAN, etc., in the hardware section
2. Host OS and Guest OS in the software section
3. GSM and LTE in the wireless section
4. Tooling and testing equipment
5. Accessories like cables, hubs, docking stations, convertors, plugs, etc.

We source hardware from world-famous companies like HP, Lenovo, Dell, Axis, D-Link, Cisco, etc. For software, we rely on Microsoft, Norton, Kaspersky, Veeam, Cambium Networks, etc. Molex, Dell, Clipsal, Lenovo, Digitech, HP, etc., are some of our trusted IT tools, accessories, and test equipment suppliers.

We are committed to providing a unique shopping experience to clients. Locate and visit your nearest TE (PNG) showroom and discover an effortless way to find the perfect solution for your specific needs. We will streamline your buying journey with our expert advice and assistance. Let us help you harness the power of IT and meet business needs and goals.