Port Moresby, PNG: Local company TE (PNG) has launched their new digital UHF radio network serving local businesses, government and NGO’s in NCD and the surrounding areas. TE (PNG) Managing Director, Robbie Huxley said “As a PNG company, we want to ensure our customers have access to world class communications for their business at affordable prices. The launch of our new “Hakala” (meaning voice in Motu) network introduces state-of-the-art UHF land mobile radio communications to Port Moresby and the surrounds; using multi-site technology to ensure coverage is far reaching and greatly improved over traditional analogue standards. TE (PNG)’s new Hakala network brings improvements in wider coverage, much clearer audio quality and security and eliminates interference from other customers. It also allows us to block radios from having network access should they go missing or stolen. We look forward to bringing you further digital benefits such as messaging, GPS and telemetry systems on the new Hakala network. Currently the Hakala network serves emergency services, security firms and large multinational corporations for their mission-critical operations”. Mr Huxley stated.



TE (PNG)’s new Hakala network has been built in partnership with Tait Communications and Logic Wireless. Tait Communications is a world leader in land mobile radio and has been operating for over 50 years. Logic Wireless is their leading support and distribution partner through ANZ. Their high quality products combined with reliability and service allows TE (PNG) to provide service unlike any others operating in Port Moresby and ensure its affordability for all businesses.



TE (PNG) originated in 1955 but has constantly innovated and diversified in the information and Communications Technology areas. TE (PNG) Ltd delivers quality end-to-end communications solutions right across PNG. From radio, phone, satellite and large scale wireless to wired networks. The Hakala network now compliments TE (PNG)’s existing digital VHF system, the Kamonai network which provides the greatest reach and flexibility for customers in Port Moresby and the greater surrounding area. More information on this story can be obtained from Glynn Low, Business Development Manager or the following sources: