Broadcast and Professional Audio

Music trends are changing across the globe, and so is its way of production, embracing modern technology, from electronic music to professional sound systems to digital radio stations. And, if you are looking to bring in high-quality music equipment and professional sound to magnify the PNG viewer experience, we are here to support you in delivering all your entertainment and music needs.

At TE (PNG), our music staff is ready to help you enhance the experience of listeners and viewers in terms of broadcast and professional audio. Wonder how? See yourself!

How Does TE (PNG) Assist with Professional Audio and Broadcast to Intensify the Viewer Experience?

We guess there’s no one in PNG who doesn’t enjoy outdoor concerts or radio broadcasts full of entertainment! But, all this takes high-quality music equipment, broadcast transmitters and digital studios if you really want to take your listeners and viewers’ experience to the next level. Here’s where we come in.


Fully digital broadcast studios have brought an evolution to the PNG listeners’ experience. We, TE (PNG), partner with these renowned manufacturers to provide top-notch services to our customers. For example:

As technology fosters innovation, LiveWire IP-based broadcast studios have been transformed into fully digital studios, including the design and installations. In PNG, many of the VS series FM transmitters of Nautel, the leading broadcast transmitter manufacturers, are operating. Moreover, around 17 countries and 19,000 customers have embraced their broadcast transmitters to take listeners’ experience to another level.

Broadcast Audio

On the other hand, there is Broadcast Software International (BSI) produced automation software in the Simian range used in over 6000 broadcast stations in 44 countries. Telos/Axia was the originator of the system. Sonifex, Inovonics and Tieline are the broadcast manufacturers producing different broadcast accessories, from distribution amplifiers to reference monitors to digital audio codecs, AM and FM station monitors, audio processors, rebroadcast receivers and much more.

At TE (PNG), we are proud to partner with them and supply fully digital broadcast stations of these brands and installations to our customers successfully, alongside full backup service in PNG.

Professional Audio

In PNG, musicians are welcoming advanced musical equipment, stage lighting systems and professional sound these days, whether for professional music studios, school music classes, bands or large outdoor concerts. If you are looking for a reliable music equipment supplier nearby, we are here to support you.

Our music staff at TE (PNG) are experienced and skilled to assist and support you with our full range of musical equipment, including music production accessories. We supply PA systems to schools, airports, universities and even National elections across the PNG while offering stage lighting systems and smoke machines.

Professional Audio Nearby

From us, you can get keyboards, synthesisers and pianos of Korg and Casio brands, popular in the digital marketing production sectors. Also, you will definitely love our basses and high-end guitars from Fender USA, including guitar amps and Orange and Blackstar amplifiers. Our music staff strive to match your entertainment needs as per indoor and outdoor event setups in delivering PA and professional sound systems, such as Samson, Alto and Fender speakers, power amps and Allen & Heath mixers. You can get all the musical equipment available here required to set up a professional music recording studio, from Shure headphones to Novation mini keyboards to iCON and Focusrite audio interfaces. Your listeners and viewers will get professional and clear vocals whether you are in or out of the studio!

So, does it sound interesting? If yes, visit our showroom today and experience our broadcast and professional audio gear quality! All our products come with backup services after selling, like repair and parts.