Best of breed communications solutions built for purpose

We specialise in the design, install and maintenance of end to end communication networks for our customers. We cover all forms of communication systems, from High Frequency radio right through to Microwave. We can supply everything from base equipment right through to turnkey systems. We have experienced staff in house who can design solutions for your needs, taking into account the PNG environment. We will manage all facets of the project including necessary logistics, and work closely with many vendors both local and international to ensure we deliver a working solution on time and on budget.

Our solutions are designed to be robust in every facet, including autonomous power, security alerts and remote management. We typically work on very high and remote tower sites with certified riggers, provide solutions with AC/DC, solar and have installed some of the longest distance backhaul links in the country, together with pop-up high-end satellite for mining and other corporates in places where there is absolutely no other communications available.

Our people are highly skilled in solutions for fixed fibre and copper networks, licensed and unlicensed microwave, HF, VHF and UHF radio, high end VSAT, satellite phone and internet services, digital phone systems and PTT over cellular, asset/vehicle monitoring, CCTV and security systems and more. We work with world class brands and have over 25 years’ experience delivering solutions in PNG. Our close relationship with our suppliers means we are always up to date with the latest equipment, and ensure our technicians receive regular training to keep informed. Each piece of equipment we supply we test in-house before field deployment, to ensure it meets the requirements of PNG.

Our communications products are quality and reliable brands, well proven in the PNG environment. Icom Radio has been in use in PNG mining and security sectors for a number of years. We have deployed over 2500 Barrett radios country-wide. Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya provide reliable satellite voice and data connections and can be backed up with our customer-focused VSAT internet solutions. Cambium Networks covers everything from 2m to 245km in the wireless connectivity world. RF Industries is a leader in antenna and cabling, including accessories. Ezytrack is our own asset monitoring solution, built on a global platform. Modern phone systems from brands such as Polycom, Fanvil and Yeastar. GME offers a range of low-cost solutions for the land and marine market. Tait Communications is a global leader in DMR and P25 networks and TE (PNG) operates their own networks in Port Moresby and Lae. We are the dealer for Garmin for a full range of marine chartplotters, instruments and handheld GPS, as well as Fusion Marine Audio equipment for the best look and sound on water.

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Wired – Copper Cat6, Cat5e
Office fitouts for data / voice / video
Clipsal, Molex, Belden
Wired – Fibre optics
Building-to-building links, long-haul underground or overhead heavy duty UV rated cable
Molex, Belden
Wireless – HF, UHF, VHF
Repeater sites or citizen band short to long range digital radio
Icom, Hytera, Tait, GME
Wireless – Microwave
WiFi hotspots, point-to-points inter-building, carrier-grade backhaul
Cambium Network, Ubiquiti
Wireless – Satellite
VSAT for remote sites
ITC Global, AST, O3B
Wireless – Satellite
Ultra-Portable Satellite Link for corporates
Wireless – GSM/LTE
Vehicle and asset tracking for shipping containers, heavy equipment, generators, medical equipment
Telematics Guru
Wired – Power
UPS, power surge protection, power filtering and line conditioners
APC by Schneider, Cyberpower
Tooling and Test Equipment
Hand tools, Cat6, fibre splicing, OTDR, crimp, tone tester, temperature sensing, multimeter, HDMI tester and much more
Krone, Fluke, Digitech
Radio Services
TE (PNG) owns and operates repeater services in Port Moresby and Lae which you can subscribe to
Tait, Icom, Barrett, GME

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