65+ years of experience in PNG

TE (PNG) Limited was established in 1955 in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

TE (PNG) is a unique and diverse company with more than 65 years of experience in service delivery and quality product supply in PNG. We are focused on long-term quality vendor partnerships with world-renowned brands coupled with world-class installation standards and highly responsive support.

With branches in Port Moresby and Lae, more than 100 qualified and trained staff, and modern and well-equipped workshops, TE (PNG) is able to provide exceptional standards of service in the sales, installation and repair and maintenance of equipment throughout PNG and the Pacific Islands.

Our team members are qualified and innovative individuals who have the necessary skills and years of experience to respond to today’s challenging customer needs. Exceeding customer expectations and providing high levels of satisfaction are what motivate our people, who are our biggest asset.

Our promise

We partner with suppliers and customers to deliver business outcomes, working together towards a sustainable future. Each of our six solution centres totally focus on solutions and support for our customers throughout PNG and the Pacific Islands.

We understand the unique conditions of PNG, giving you the confidence that your purchases and our services will be fit for purpose.

1955: TE (PNG) Limited was founded.

1959: Office in Port Moresby opened.

1960–1970: Established product range.

1990: Expanded communications division and successfully designed and commissioned VHF/UHF Radio Repeater network in Port Moresby, which has recently received a full upgrade to IP and digital to support modern customer requirements.

1991: Won the contract to supply and support all PA and communications requirements for the South Pacific Games, which included more than 650 radios, many kilometres of audio cable, and power amplifiers and loudspeakers, including a professional crew that ensured it all worked perfectly.

1997: Won the contract to supply the Department of Energy with BP Solar vaccine fridge systems for health centres, and successfully bid for the supply of radio communications equipment for the October 1998 Sea Kayaking World Cup held in Manus Province.

2002: Commenced marketing musical instruments (due to the customer response, this product line continues to expand rapidly). Our range includes Fender, Casio, Power Beat, DXP, Essex, Shalloch, Valencia and Pearl, to name a few.

2006: Information and communications technology (ICT) was added to the portfolio as a natural extension of the communication market within PNG. The ICT division sells and supports computer-based systems with an extensive range of computers, notebooks, UPS, IT accessories and devices – and provides IT support to our Broadcast and Communications divisions.

Our Solution Centres


TE (PNG) Ltd has evolved over time and developed into a solution-focused entity.

Our services teams have become well-known for their ability to analyse a customer requirement, and design, build and support any solution that we deploy.

Not only are our teams trained by the vendors in sales recommendation, installation and support; they are also certified by vendors and approved by local authorities such as PNG Power and NICTA.



Leading integrator of end to end communications systems. From HF radio, to VHF and UHF networks, right through to microwave backhaul and satellite connectivity.

Hospitality Equipment

Complete hospitality equipment solutions for hotels, restaurants, mess halls, bakeries, butchery, commercial catering and other items such as chef’s uniforms.

I nformation Technology

Supplier, integrator and technical support covering most aspects of ICT including PCs, laptops, printing solutions, server and storage and networking.

Broadcast & Professional Audio

PNG’s only integrator of broadcast radio equipment, we design, build and maintain studio and transmission equipment, PA and commercial audio equipment, professional musical instruments and accessories.

Electrical & Hardware

Wholesaler and integrator of electrical and hardware products such as Clipsal, Lockwood, LADaMAX, CRC and more. We also specialise in the design and installation of solar solutions and UPS.

Security Systems

Combining locksmithing, electronics and IT, our teams provide comprehensive access control, monitoring and intrusion detection systems; protecting your assets.

Solutions versus products

Each of our solution centers focuses on solutions for our customers.

Separately, our retail and wholesale teams can also supply you products from our showrooms and warehouse trade sales counters.

Our approach is a consultative one. Talk to one of our consultants who will

Analyse, Align, Offer Options       Then…   Design, Install, Support

We stand by our quality product partners and our local workmanship.

Our Values

The company upholds the following values as a guideline to its operation and business transactions:

  • Quality
  • Expertise
  • Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Sustainability

Mission & Objective


To help customers design and build reliable, secure, manageable and flexible infrastructure solutions that establish a foundation for clients to meet their business objectives affordably.


We are dedicated to helping our clients to ensure success in various implementations of their projects and meet their project objectives. We take pride in our knowledge and expertise which gives us the confidence to give our best in every project and helps us to show the commitment required for success. Our suppliers are ready to recommend the best solutions and obtain the necessary approvals to proceed with your projects.