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HikVision CCTV system provides major upgrade to Vision City Mega Mall security team


Vision City Mega Mall is the largest shopping precinct in Papua New Guinea, with thousands of customers passing through its doors every day. The security team on site is responsible for ensuring all visitors are safe and crime such as theft is prevented for the businesses that occupy the centre.

This is a monumental task, as the mall covers multiple levels, as well as the car parks and service areas. The existing system included about 50 analogue CCTV cameras, of which around 20 had failed. This meant the security team had little visibility of the mall and relied on the guards on duty to monitor and report back to control.

The mall management team decided it was time to upgrade the CCTV system to ensure all areas had full view and recorded footage.

The Challenge

Upgrading a system that is still in use requires careful planning and assistance from all parties, and doing so in an operating centre with hundreds of members of the public around you at all times is an extraordinary challenge.

Each section required meticulous planning, coordination between multiple departments and regular testing, quality control checks and follow-up.

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Vision City Mega Mall wanted not just to replace the existing system, but also upgrade it to ensure every key area had visual surveillance. This required:

  • The installation of approximately 130 high-definition IP cameras.
  • A mixture of dome, bullet and large pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, with varying focal lengths.
  • Constant 24/7 monitoring by the security team in their operations room.
  • Recording with full storage for a minimum of 30 days.

The new system needed to be installed without removing the existing system – until such time that the new cameras could take over and the old system then removed in its entirety.

New fibre optic runs were required to three locations to support the installation of network switches, and the work was to be carried out during standard business hours.

The Solution

A very scalable, future-proof solution was installed using HikVision’s range of CCTV products. TE (PNG) is a HikVision solutions partner and distributor, and HikVision technical experts were called on to help design the overall solution.

Each camera selected has a 2MP full HD1080p resolution, IP66 protection and is powered using PoE. A robust network was built using Cisco switches connected via dual multi-mode fibre connections for redundancy and bandwidth increase.

All cameras are recorded on a 256ch NVR with 800Mbps of bandwidth and 120TB of storage. This is displayed using a 16ch decoder capable of running the nine 42” commercial monitors.

PTZ cameras are operated using dedicated controllers with inbuilt video display, and management has access to the system from their desktop PCs using the HikVision software.

The Results

TE (PNG) carried out the installation over several months, bringing each new set of cameras online before decommissioning the old system.

The Vision City Mega Mall security team now has 24/7 coverage of the entire premises. The team can respond to incidents in a much quicker timeframe and has full recorded footage for playback and event handover, should the need arise.

TE (PNG) is now also working with the security team to introduce new features such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition and Facial Detection and Recording, to ensure the mall is safe and secure for the future, using the latest features available.

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