CCTV Features and Easy Installation Guide

Are you concerned about protecting your business or property from potential threats? Would you like to keep an eye on your premises from anywhere, even stopping crime before it occurs?

Then Consider Installing Intelligent Security Camera Solutions.

Cutting-edge CCTV systems come with many powerful features to safeguard what’s most important to you. Whether you need indoor or outdoor monitoring to secure your equipment, property, and personnel, installing intelligent CCTV systems is an ideal investment.

Intelligent Cctv Cameras Come With Advanced Features Like:

Face Recognition – CCTV with this advanced capability uses biometric mapping to identify and match human faces that are captured by the security cameras. It allows access control by only allowing authorized personnel into restricted areas. The best part – you can also create watchlists(for unwanted individuals) to enhance safety protocols and prevent potential threats.

Number Plate Recognition – High-end security cameras often come with specialized number plate recognition software. This advanced software can automatically read and log the license plates of vehicles that enter or exit a facility. This data helps maintain records of all vehicles on the property and allows you to create allowlists or blocklists for approved or prohibited vehicles.

Line Crossing and Object Movement Detection – Many modern CCTV camera systems allow you to set up virtual tripwires or boundaries within the view of the camera. If anything crosses these predefined lines or enters the marked areas, the system automatically sends an alert. This could indicate a potential intruder, trespasser, or suspicious activity occurring on your property. The real-time alerts can enable your security personnel to respond promptly and investigate before anything bad happens. This proactive feature helps detect and deter unwanted or criminal behavior more effectively.

CCTV Camera Installation Guide

Where to Install Cameras- Positioning your cameras correctly is crucial for optimal performance. Keep these points in mind

Camera Distance – You need to position the cameras so that the areas you want to monitor are clearly visible and in focus at all times.

Avoid Glare – Don’t face the cameras directly toward bright sunlight or intense light sources because this can cause glare and reduce visibility.

Mounting Angle – For most camera types, you may prefer to mount them at a downward angle. However, dome cameras are mounted horizontally. When you properly mount your CCTV cameras, it prevents shaking and distortion.

Cabling and Wiring – When it comes to commercial CCTV systems, proper cabling and wiring are very important to connect the cameras to the central server or recording system. Nowadays, wireless options are available. However, wired systems are generally more reliable and recommended for permanent, robust installations.

Bottom Line

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