Future of Security Access control

In recent years, the way we manage day-to-day operations at work has dramatically changed with the advent of technology. The same goes for access control and security systems in commercial buildings. With the rise of working patterns and the adoption of cloud technology, locksmithing has evolved from the humble key to a well-designed access control system. Hence, it’s important to learn about the latest security access control trends and technologies to keep your business secure and stay competitive.

Understanding the Latest Access Control Security System for Commercial Properties

Recently, access control technology has shifted from conventional physical security systems to the IoT (Internet of Things) and smart automation. Automated access control systems reduce the risks of invaders breaking into the commercial workspace while providing a high level of security.

For instance, biometric access control analytics makes managing and monitoring access easier, especially in the areas of concern, by tracking and analysing the trends and patterns. In fact, there are more security access control technologies trending these days, such as:

Touchless Entry And Access System

In 2024, a touchless access control system will be one of the top security technology trends embraced in commercial spaces for safety and convenience. In fact, many entrepreneurs pair well-designed touchless access control systems with the existing security system to cut the need for physical contact at the entrance.

Here Are The Most Common Touchless Access Control Technology Adopted In 2024:

● Motion Sensing Technology requires users to take an action from a certain distance, like waving a hand in front of the reader. It reduces the chances of accidental unlocks.
● Biometric Technology has been the most popular access control system in commercial spaces in recent years due to its unique feature of identifying an individual by their specific identities, like face ID, fingerprints, etc. Also, there is morphological biometric access as an additional layer of security.

Latest Access Control Security System

Remote Security Management

With the rise of the hybrid working environment in 2024, remote security access management has gained much attention from business entrepreneurs as a prominent physical access control security technology trend. It will help you keep your commercial buildings secure even when they are unoccupied.

Also, leveraging this access control technology allows the workspace to be flexible with its anywhere access. You can adjust the door schedules and user permissions easily, and this system reflects the changes instantly. Hence, your team can avoid wasting time waiting outside the building during emergency security events.

On the other hand, a remote door access control system allows you to let vendors into the building, regardless of where you or your team are located. You no longer need to present physically at the site.

Building Automation with AI

With the emergence of AI, the physical access control security system is getting smarter, allowing commercial spaces to streamline their operations. Leveraging this technology eliminates the need for a security team to constantly monitor entrances and access video feeds around the clock. Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows us to identify irregularities using alerts or alarms. Also, it can help individuals prevent regular accidents, such as doors left ajar or lockouts.

All-in-one Access Control Systems

Alongside homeowners, commercial property owners are also embracing all-in-one access control systems following 2024 access security trends. These devices usually come with video intercom technology, two-way audio, built-in HD cameras and doorbell functionality, along with powerful AI features to ensure better visibility and security control in commercial spaces.

In Conclusion

So, which one would you like to go for to enhance the access control system of your commercial building? Let us know. And, if you are seeking a well-designed security access control system, TE(PNG) LTD has a range of new and innovative products to meet the needs of developed and automated building security in Papua New Guinea. We offer access control, alarm and CCTV systems from top brands, including HID, HikVision, Axis and Genetec, best for keeping properties secure.

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