Professional Audio Equipment

Do you dream of building a professional recording studio equipped with top-tier gear? If you want to record and produce studio-quality music, then you must have the right audio equipment.

But with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to understand what you truly need. From high-end instruments and microphones to advanced mixing boards and monitor speakers – the gear you choose can make or break your ability to craft pro-level recordings.

This guide will walk you through an overview of the key audio equipment and tools that are required in a home studio or commercial studio in PNG.

Professional Audio Gear for Your Studio

TE(PNG) LTD is the leading supplier of high-quality broadcasting and professional audio equipment from top-tier brands at the most competitive prices. Check out this list of our audio gear to capture studio-quality sound.

Keyboards, Pianos and Synthesizers

Quality keyboards, pianos, and synthesizers are crucial for producing professional recordings. Top Brands like Casio and Korg make excellent digital pianos and keyboards ideal for professional music studios.

Digital pianos from these leading brands provide extremely realistic and nuanced piano and electric piano sounds perfect for any genre. Synthesizers from Casio and Korg offer incredible flexibility for creating synth leads, basses, pads, and many more. With the right keyboards, pianos, and synthesizers from leading music gear companies, you’ll be able to create great recordings.

Electric Guitars and Amps

Electric guitars are important for any professional studio for their versatility and unmatched tones. You can pick Fender’s famous Strat, Tele and Precision bass guitars. The good news is that these guitars are suited to blues, rock, metal and jazz. It goes without saying, a high-end guitar from an iconic brand goes a long way in capturing magical performances.

Just as critical as the guitar is pairing it with the right guitar amp to sculpt your perfect tone. Fender’s tube amps provide the vibrant clean tones.

Professional Audio Gear

Drums and Percussion

The right drums and percussion bring a natural, dynamic rhythm to your recordings. On the other hand, electronic drum kits are another option for drum tracks without noise. Don’t forget to add best-in-class drums to your recordings with Pearl drum kits and Zildjian drum accessories from top brand, Mano. Having a range of percussion instruments on hand gives endless options for layering rhythms.


Quality microphones are absolutely essential for capturing professional-grade vocals, instruments, and ambient sounds in the studio.

Dynamic mics from top brands like Shure are industry-standard mics – perfect for vocals and electric guitar amps. They are chiefly known for durable build, tailored frequency response, etc.

For acoustic instruments like guitars, pianos, strings, and drums, large diaphragm condenser mics provide exceptional detail and clarity. Brands like Shure make excellent large diaphragm condenser mics ranging from affordable to high-end. Picking these quality microphones enables you to capture sound with accuracy and detail for professional studio recordings.

Other Equipment

Apart from the above-mentioned audio equipment, you can also consider buying Allen & Heath analog mixers, Focusrite and iCON audio interfaces, Tannoy, JBL, and Presonus studio monitors, headphones, or other broadcasting test equipment and tools from brands like Krone, Fluke, Digitech.

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